Our Values

Our company values are key to our success. They aren’t just important to growing our business. More importantly, they help us to build a healthy, high-functioning organization that each employee loves being part of.

  • Committed to democratizing hiring.

    • Skillist was built with the vision of making entry-level hiring fairer and more effective, so more jobseekers can have access to career-advancing opportunities and economic prosperity. We are tirelessly committed to making this vision a reality.

  • Grit.

    • We don’t give up, despite adversity, plateaus, and even failures. We take a can-do attitude in good times and in bad, which allows us to always find a way to get the job done. 

  • We challenge directly while caring personally.

    • In all of our interactions with each other, we strive to hit this balance. This is also known as “radical candor” (it’s a great read).

  • Be well, work well. 

    • In order to thrive at work, you need to thrive outside work too. That is why we prioritize our distributed model, a flexible time-off policy, and a comprehensive health care benefits package.

  • We don’t pass the buck. 

    • With great flexibility comes accountability! We respect one another by taking end-to-end ownership of our individual responsibilities. We also hold ourselves to strong communication norms, which assures that important decisions are shared and/or talked through, despite our distributed model and our bias towards action. 

Do these values speak to you like they speak to us? Join our team.