A job application that puts you and your skills first.

The average corporate job attracts 250 resumes. Only about two percent of those applicants will be called for an interview.* We don’t like those odds, so we built a better way.

Because we offer a skill-based application that helps companies focus on what you can do rather than where you come from, about thirty percent of Skillist applicants receive an interview. That means your chances are fifteen times higher when you apply with Skillist! Ready to get started?

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A few more ways that Skillist can help:


Free Application Support

We have a team of career coaches who can answer all your questions, and even provide feedback on your application.

Identity Blinding

Your email and name will be hidden when the company reviews your app, so they’re only judging you based on what you submit.

A Guaranteed Response

Skillist applications don’t go into a black hole. You will always receive an answer on your candidacy, usually within just one to two weeks.


We currently help companies with entry-level, soft-skill focused roles like customer service, sales, and technical support. For interview and application advice, check out our blog


*According to Glassdoor for Employers.